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The project develops strategies for optimizing stroke care - especially in rescue - and is guided by the objective to make the possibilities of stroke unit available in the ambulance as far as possible.

For this purpose, a medical telematics platform for ambulances (RTW) is to be established to optimize emergency care of stroke patients in ASTER. A "mobile clinic assistant" shall give assistance to the rescue personnel, for example in the selection of target clinic, other medical measures in RTW, the implementation of a Telekonsils or helicopter requirement. Patient medical data such as oxygen saturation, blood sugar and ECG are recorded on site and combined with information about the target clinic (specialization, medical readiness, occupancy), telematic data (traffic conditions, distance traveled, of route, traffic light control) and vehicle data. The information is then processed and displayed in the RTW for rescue personnel through clinical decision support systems. In addition, selected information is transmitted to the target clinic to make the necessary preparations there.

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