Industry and clinic platform - conception phase

The 6-month conception phase of the Industry in Clinic Platform initiated by the cooperation partners Raylytic GmbH, University Clinic for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Magdeburg with LIAM GmbH and the  Research Campus STIMULATE started on 01.10.2020. The cooperation partners jointly took advantage of the announcement "Establishment of Industry in Clinic Platforms for the Development of Innovative Medical Products" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. This announcement is derived from the recommendations for action of the national strategy process "Innovations in medical technology" and aims to meet the challenge of creating innovative research structures in medical technology.

The idea of the platform to be established in the conception phase is to provide providers of medical devices for diagnostic and therapeutic image-guided procedures with a central organisational unit with access to clinical capacities, expertise and information for their product development. By using the platform, a development cycle is created which considers the product in its overall context beyond the invention period. Professional project, quality and risk management bundles all the services provided, whereby the evaluation and processing of the project results supports areas of responsibility which typically have to be coordinated by the companies themselves. In this way, obstacles to innovation are removed and the product development and approval processes from conception to product or market surveillance are accelerated.

At the end of the conception phase, a complete project application with a business plan is submitted to the BMBF in order to enter a possible three-year test phase. The trial phase includes so-called model projects, through which the services of the platform are extensively tested and evaluated on the real market.