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VirtualAnatomy - virtual anatomy system for case-based anatomy training on the basis of a case spectrum of real image data

Subproject: VirtualAnatomy – Development of didactical interaction options for the anatomy platform and development of advanced visualization techniques of multimodal data

Comprehensive anatomy knowledge  is a prerequisite in medical studies and significantly depends on the illustrative material. While illustrative representations in textbooks and web systems normally illustrate idealized or average bodies of a specific age group, in preparation courses mostly only elderly and diseased bodies in limited quantities are available.

This project aims to a didactic, virtual anatomy system to support the medical training and self-study, which is based on the interactive exploration of different real cases.

Based on the individual image data from imaging technqiues (such as CT and MRI) – processed and partly fused multimodally, it should be made possible for learners to study the three-dimensional anatomy and its variations even in 3D space, to understand and also to interpret the footage of imaging techniques.

The next aim is to explore how far the system can be integrated into the curriculum teaching.

A special added value is expected in the combination of preparation courses and virtual exploration based on the same body donor.

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