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Clinical Integration (OI)


The research group "Clinical Integration (Oncology)" enables an application-oriented research and pre-clinical evaluation of image-guided metastatic therapies in the liver and the spine. The treatment of liver tumors will be carried out under MRI imaging, which is to be used for the positioning of the instruments and therapy monitoring. Due to the risk structures in the spine, a much higher precision is required for the treatment of tumors. For this reason, the therapy should be carried out under robot assistance and C-arm CT imaging.

The AP 1 focuses on the "MR-guided ablation of liver tumors." The objective is the exploration of an integrated approach for thermal ablation therapy. The advantages of MRI allow already during the intervention an accurate determination of the ablated zone and thus an exclusion of a later recurrence. A previously conducted transarterial chemoembolization increases the efficiency of the ablation therapy.

This embolization has a significant impact on the ablation planning. For this reason, the "X-ray-guided chemoembolization of liver tumors" is addressed in the AP 2. The information of X-ray-based perfusion in the tissue will be integrated into the ablations.

In AP 3, "Robot-assisted spine intervention", the new form of therapy of robot-assisted, minimally invasive, X-ray-guided RFA ablation of tumors and metastases of the spine is established and evaluated. So, the foundations are laid to integrate robotics into other imaging types. Furthermore, the treatment of other medical conditions and other targets can be developed with the gained knowledge.



Prof. Frank Wacker

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Institut für Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie

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