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Projects of the Pre-Phase (01.03.2013-28.02.2014)

The Research Campus STIMULATE is divided into three main areas each containing different work packages.

In the Imaging project, capabilities for the further enhancement of imaging modalities for the planning and implementation of image-guided interventions are evaluated. In this connection, innovative approaches for a representation via 3D-robot-based angiography and magnetic resonance imaging, novel photon detectors and intravascular imaging are examined to define the projects for the main phase. During the planning, implementation and monitoring of minimally invasive interventions different procedures are used repeatedly. The overlay of the image data is often limited or only possible through subsequent registration. Methods for automatic and prospective positioning of imaging and instruments are analyzed and their integration into future imaging systems is evaluated.  

Within the project Instruments new and functionally advanced tools are developed to enhance the quality and efficiency of the established therapeutic procedures and to enable new therapeutic approaches for diseases considered by STIMULATE. In addition, innovative approaches for user interfaces are designed to accelerate the interventions and to minimize the risk of maloperations.

Within the project Management / Junior Staff we explore viable frameworks for efficient infrastructures at the Research Campus STIMULATE. For this purpose it is necessary to analyze selected competition models and to identify success factors of an equal partnership. In addition, the prephase includes the analysis of needs and requirements of specific medical-technical (minimally invasive / image-guided) education and training.